Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

He wants to come back to mona therefore hell be more

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Unformatted text preview: Put the alchemist to flight! "I don't know the meaning," said Lasher innocently. "What is the meaning? I cannot see it. There are not enough rhymes." Suddenly Lasher looked to the ceiling. So did Stolov, or rather he cocked his ear and stared off as if putting his sight on hold as he sought to track a sound. It was that thin music, that old grinding thin music. Julien's gramo- phone. Michael laughed. "As if I needed it, as if I'd forgotten." He shot out of the chair, towards Lasher, who slipped back, just escaping his grasp. Lasher backed up behind Stolov and Norgan, who both scrambled to their feet. "You can't let him kill me!" Lasher whispered. "Father, you can't do it! No, it will not end for me again like this!" "The hell it won't," said Michael. "Father, you are like the Protestants who would destroy forever the beautiful stained glass." "Tough luck!" 555 The creature bolted to the left and stopped dead...
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