Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

He was afraid he sat in the middle of the couch in

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Unformatted text preview: usic was as loud perhaps as a Victrola could get. And ah, behold the whatnot shelf all crowded with tiny ceramic figures, and the brass clock on the front mantel, and the Greek statues on the rear mantel, and the draperies of a mellow old velvet, burnished and fringed, and puddling on the polished floor. The doorframes were painted to look like marble! So were the baseboards. It was that old kind of graining, so popular at the end of the century, and the gaslight nickered steadily against the darkly pa- pered ceiling as if the little jets were dancing to the rhythm of the waltz. What flaw could there be in this fabric? The rug was the very same rug she'd seen earlier, but that made perfect sense, didn't it, it had been Julien's, and there were his lovely fauteuils grouped together for con- versation in the very center of the rooms. She lifted her arms, and found herself dancing on the balls of her feet, in a circle, round and round, till the narrow nightgown flared around her, making a perfect narrow bell....
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