Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

He was antasizing about coffee and sweet rolls and a

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Unformatted text preview: erstand the full scope of what has happened, nor do I need to understand it. But I feel the pressing need to be with Aaron." The Elders said no. Within days, Yuri was pulled off the investigation. He was told that Erich Stolov would take over, a seasoned expert in the field of "these things," and that Yuri should take a little vacation in Paris for a while, as he would soon be going to Russia, where it was very dreary and cold. "Sending me to Siberia?" asked Yuri ironically, typing his questions into the computer. "What's happening with the Mayfair Witches?" The answer came from Amsterdam that Erich would take care of all European activity on the Mayfair Witches. And once again Yuri was advised to get some rest. He was also told that anything he knew about the Mayfair Witches was confidential, and he must not discuss this matter even with Aaron. It was a standard admonition, advised the Elders, where "this sort" of investigation was involved. "You know our n...
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