Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

He was quiet beside her druggy and worn out the door

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Unformatted text preview: te to them, as they lay tangled on the sofa, and she said: "Mr. Mike, what do you think you are doing with that child!" He was baffled, distressed, ashamed, confused, probably ready to commit suicide. He climbed up off her, tightening the string of his cotton pajamas, and staring at Eugenia and then at her. It was time to be a Mayfair. Time to be Julien's great-great-grand- daughter. She stood up and went towards the old woman. "You want to keep your job in this house, Eugenia? Then go back up to your room now and shut the door." The old woman's dark wrinkled face froze for an instant in con- scious outrage, and then softened as Mona looked right into her eyes. "Do as I tell you. There's nothing here to worry about. Mona is doing what Mona wants. And Mona is good for Uncle Michael and you know it! Now go!" Was she spellbound, or merely overwhelmed? It didn't matter. Witch power was witch power. The woman gave in. They always gave in. It was almost a cowardly thing, to make them do her bidding, staring them down this way. But she had to do it. Eugenia lowered her gaze u...
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