Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

He was shaking all over his hands were slippery with

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Unformatted text preview: eil, and a rosy-cheeked boy to be Joseph, who had only just got his beard and had to darken it with coal; and then an infant, born only a few days ago, tiny and pink and beautiful, was placed in my arms. I saw the men in their animal skins gathering, lighted candles in their hands. Indeed the entire valley was ablaze with lighted candles. All the town was filled with lighted candles! And the great beautiful church behind us would soon receive this light. For a split second again, I did see one of those small beings, hump- backed, heavily clothed, but it seemed no monster-only the common dwarfs one saw in the streets of Florence, or so I told myself again. And it was natural for the people to give it wide berth and to gasp as it fled, for such things frequently frighten the ignorant. They cannot be blamed. The bell began to chime the hour of midnight. It was Christmas. LASHER Christ had come. The bagpipers came into the church, in their full tartan skirts; the little children came in thei...
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