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He was thunderstruck he remained quiet for a long

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Unformatted text preview: had been rent in half it seemed by the Protestants, who swept an entire culture before them when they broke with the authority of the pope. Yet our world of Assisi, and Florence and the other cities and towns of Italy, seemed splendid and rich and dedicated to the True Christ. It seemed, when reading Scriptures, impossible to believe that Our Lord had not walked on the Appian Way. Italy filled my soul-with its music, its gardens, its green countryside-it seemed to me the only place that I should ever want to be. Rome was the only city I loved more than Florence, and only perhaps because of its size, because of the splendor of St. Peter's. But then Venice too was a great marvel. For me the poor of one city were pretty much as the poor of another. The hungry were the hungry. They were always waiting for me with open arms. I found it easy and natural to be a true Poverello-to own nothing, to seek shelter wherever I was at nightfall, to let the Holy Spirit come LASHER into me when I was asked a complex question, or asked...
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