Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

He watched the faithful moving about he said at last

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Unformatted text preview: of the faithful. He was trembling all over. He had his hands to his lips, and then he began to give off that humming, that singing, and rock on his feet. He walked doggedly, against his own mood, along the wall and then pointed up at one high narrow empty window. "There, there!" he cried. And it seemed he spoke other words, or tried to and was then weary and agitated again. He sank down, drawing up his knees, and LASHER hugged her close to him, his head on her shoulder, and then nuzzling down onto her breasts. Rudely he pushed up the sweater and began to suckle. She lay back, all will leaving her. Staring up at the clouds. Begging for stars but there were no stars, only the dissolving light of the moon, and the lovely illusion that it was not the clouds which moved but the high walls and the empty arched windows. In the morning, when she awoke, he was not in the room! But neither was there a phone anymore, and when she opened the window, she saw it was a straight drop some twen...
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