Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

He whispered something to me full of fear and ran

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Unformatted text preview: athedral if they could. You have been sent to save us, but you must be educated and you must be ordained. And above all, you must consecrate yourself to the Virgin. You must never touch the flesh of a woman; you must forgo that pleasure for the glory of God. And mark my word, and never forget it, the sin with women is not for you. Do what you would with other friars. As long as God is served, so what? But never touch the flesh of a woman. "Now this night, there are men ready to take you away by sea. They will see that you reach Italy. And then-when God gives us a sign that the time is right; or when God reveals His purpose to you directly- then you will come home." "And what then shall I do?" "Lead the people, lead them in prayer, say the Mass for them, lay hands upon them and heal as you did before. Reclaim the people from the Lutherian devils! Be the saint!" It seemed a lie, an utter lie. Or rather an impossible task. What was Italy? Why should I go? "Can I do this?" I asked. "Yes, my son, you can do it." And then under his breath he said, with a wicked little smile: "You are the Taltos. The Taltos is a mira...
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