Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Hed have drowned if the firemen had not come and

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Unformatted text preview: in her computer system, more ways of keeping track of all her thoughts and feelings, and plans. She opened the bathroom door and stepped into the kitchen. Beyond the glass doors the swimming pool positively glittered for an instant as if a vagrant wind had touched its surface. As if it were alive. As she stepped forward, a tiny red light flashed on the motion detector, but she could see immediately by the control panel on the kitchen counter that the alarm wasn't set. That was why it hadn't gone off when she opened the window. What luck! She'd forgotten about that damned alarm, and it had been the alarm that had saved Michael's life. He'd have drowned if the firemen had not come and found him-men from his father's own firehouse, though Michael's father had died a long long time ago. Michael. Yes, it was fatal attraction from the moment she'd first met him. And the sheer size of the man had a lot to do with it-things like the perfect width of his neck. Mona had a keen appreciation of m...
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