Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Hed snapped off the lights and that had proved a

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Unformatted text preview: zed once more that he had not been sure really that he believed in this new species of being, this male creature who had been born to Rowan Mayfair. He was still assuming in the back of his mind that all this would have some "natural" explanation. "It's natural," said Lightner. "Natural is a deceptive word. I wonder if I shall ever before my time is up lay eyes on him. I wonder if he really can reason, if he possesses human self-control, if there is any moral framework to his mind, assuming it is a mind as we know mind . . ." "But are you seriously suggesting that he is preying upon these women?" "Of course I am," said Lightner. "It's obvious. Why do you think the Talamasca took Gifford's bloodstained clothes? He impregnated 'y/ her and she lost the child. Look, Dr. Larkin, you'd better come clean on all this. I understand your scholarly interest and your loyalty to Rowan. But we may have no further contact with Rowan." "God." "The p...
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