Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Henri came behind him talking steadily hand out to

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Unformatted text preview: e's to come and go as she wishes. You call Cortland now in Boston." "Cortland is here, Julien." I called Cortland to me. Stella was to take the child down to her own room and sit with her, and not let anyone take her away. Carlotta would be with them, just to make sure the girl was safe. Now this son of mine was my pride and joy, as I've said, my eldest, my brightest, and all these years I had tried to protect him from what I knew. But he was too shrewd to be protected entirely, and now for me he had fallen off his pedestal and I was too angry not to judge him for what had become of this girl. "Father, I didn't know, I swear it. And even now I don't believe it. It would take me hours to tell you the story of that night. I could swear that Barbara Ann put something in my drink to make me mad. She dragged me out into the swamp with her. We were in the boat together; that is all I remember, and that she was devilish and strange. I swear this, Father. When I woke I was in the boat. I...
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