Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Her neck was long and thin and she had small ears

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Unformatted text preview: d Stella too, holding my hand. "Mamma had to burn all those old things," she said. I said nothing. The fact was, I had suffered a very tiny stroke, and could not for a while speak, though I myself did not know it. I thought my dreamy silence a choice. It was not until the following day when Mary Beth came to me that I realized my words were slurred and I could not find the very ones I chose to use to tell her of my anger. It was late evening, and when she saw how it was with me she was greatly distressed and called at once for Richard to come, as if it were all his fault. He did come, and together they helped me down the stairs, as if to say, if I could get out of bed and walk, then I could not die that night. I sat on the living room sofa. Ah, how I loved that long double parlor. Loved it as you love it, Michael. It was a comfort to me to be there, facing the windows that looked out on the lawn, with all remnants of that brutal fire gone now. For long hours, Mary Beth spoke. Stella came and went. The gist was that my time and my way...
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