Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Her voice sounded frail and small to her not the

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Unformatted text preview: offee? When would they have coffee? "There in the carafe," said Lightner. "Ah, you read my mind," Lark said with a little laugh. "It's that time of morning, isn't it?" said Lightner, and for the first time there was a little smile on his lips. He watched Lark open the carafe and discover the plastic cup in the side pocket. Lark poured the steaming coffee. "You want some, Lightner?" "No, thank you. Do you want to tell me what your friend Mitch Flanagan has found out?" "Not particularly. I don't want to tell anyone but Rowan. I called Ryan Mayfair for the money. That's what Rowan instructed me to do. But she didn't say anything about giving anybody the test results. She said she'd contact me when she could. And Ryan Mayfair says that Rowan may be hurt. Maybe even dead." "That's true," said Lightner. "It was good of you to come." "Hell, I'm worried about Rowan. I wasn't too happy when Rowan left University. I wasn't too happy that she up and got married. I wasn't...
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