Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Hes a new generation of talamasca its the old story

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Unformatted text preview: graceful arm. He felt a little embar- rassed for a moment, as though he had lost some precious advantage; hen he was on his feet. He had a terrible headache, and he was hungry, and then the searing xcitement of this mystery, this Rowan Mayfair offspring mystery, :ame back to him in the shape of a great burden. How could a rational nan be expected to explain such a thing? What time was it? Eight a.m. n New Orleans. That meant it was only six a.m. back on the coast. Immediately he saw the white-haired man waiting for him and ealized it was Lightner before the man clasped his hand and said his >wn name. Very personable old guy; gray suit and all. "Dr. Larkin. There's been a family emergency. Neither Ryan nor ^ierce Mayfair could be here. Let me take you to your hotel. Ryan will )e in touch with us as soon as he can." Same British polish that Lark lad admired so much over the phone. "Glad to see you, Mr. Lightner, but I have to tell you, I had a run-in vith one of your colleag...
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