Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Hes not going to slip through our fingers mona

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Unformatted text preview: at they have, please. I want to know why Mother died. If it was the tumors, I want to know. Please. All of us want to know. Why did she have the hemorrhage?" "All right," said Ryan, in a seething rage. "You want these tests run on your mother's clothes?" He threw up his hands. "Yes," said Pierce calmly. "All right. For you then this will be done, for you and your sisters. We'll run the tests. We'll find out what triggered the hemorrhage." Pierce was satisfied, but clearly worried about his father. Ryan had more to say. But he gestured for them to wait. He held his right hand in the air, and gestured again, tentatively, and then he began to speak. "I will do what I can do under these circumstances. I will continue the search for Rowan. I will have the bloodstained clothes tested. I will do the sane and proper thing. I will do the honorable thing. The legal thing. The necessary thing. But I do not believe in this man! I do not believe in this...
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