Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

High above amid the narrow soaring arches of this

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Unformatted text preview: lace the Infant Jesus in the manger, between the Virgin Mother and good St. Joseph. Lead the animals to the man- ger. Lead them to bow to the Good Child Jesus. Be our priest, Ashlar, what priests were meant to be. Reach to heaven for us, and call down the Mercy of God as only a priest can!" Of course I knew this was the very concept which the Protestants found archaic, that we of the priesthood were mysterious and elevated, and that we had some communication with God which the ordinary folk did not. "Father, I can do this as any priest can do it," said I. "But what if LASHER we do hold through Christmas? Why will they back away then? Why will they not come down upon us at any moment that our sheep and our grain are gone?" "Christmas is the time of their hate, Ashlar. It is the time of the richest Roman ceremony. It is the time of the finest vestments and incense and candles. It the time of our greatest Latin Mass. And old superstition grips Scotland, Ashlar. Christmas in the pagan years was the time of witche...
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