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His eyes had glassed over for a minute and then hed

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Unformatted text preview: uot; she'd answered. She'd stood on tiptoe and kissed him quickly on the cheek, and there had come that blush again. Yes, he saw her, saw her breasts and the contour of her waist and hips under the loose pink cotton dress. Yet he'd seemed moved by her show of affection, an emotion quite entirely separate. His eyes had glassed over for a minute, and then he'd said he had to go walk outside. He'd said something about Mardi Gras Night, about passing this house once when he'd been a boy, on Mardi Gras Night, when they'd been on their way to see Comus. No, nothing really wrong with his heart now at all, except that the doctors kept scaring him, and giving him much too much medicine, though he did now and then have those little pains, he'd told Ryan, which reminded him of what he could and couldn't do. Well, Mona would find out what he could or couldn't do. She stood by the pool for a long moment, thinking of all the bits and pieces of the story-Rowan run off, some kind of miscarriage in the front hall, blood everywhere, and Michael bruised and knocked uncon- scious in the pool. Could the miscarriage account for the smell? She'd asked Pierce earlier if h...
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