Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

His eyes roved the long concourse the motley drift of

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Unformatted text preview: 'd just suffered a heart attack. But Mitch Flanagan on the coast was breaking down Curry's DNA now and he'd said it was extremely strange, that he had as unusual a blueprint as Rowan. Flanagan had "managed," as the Keplinger Insti- tute always did, to get the records on Michael Curry without the man's knowledge or permission. But now Lark couldn't get Flanagan! Flanagan hadn't answered last night or this morning. Some sort of machine kept giving Lark some minimal song and dance with the customary invitation to leave a number. Lark didn't like this at all. Why was Flanagan stalling him? Lark wanted to see Curry. He wanted to talk to him, ask him certain ques- tions. It was fun to party and all-he'd gotten much too drunk last night after the wake-and he was headed to Antoine's tonight for dinner with two doctor friends from Tulane, both of them roaring sots, but he had business to do here, and now that Mrs. Ryan Mayfair was buried perhaps they could get on with it. 'He stopped his scribbling as Lightn...
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