Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

His hands were still wet now he hadnt taken time to

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Unformatted text preview: , and his cock slipping out of her so that she saw it for an instant, the shaft descending out of the nest of hair. She shut her eyes tight. "Let's believe we can help Rowan," said Lauren, though the voice sounded so low and so hopeless that it contradicted its own words. "The legacy is a vast question. There are three lawyers going over the papers now. But Rowan is still alive. Rowan is upstairs. She has sur- vived the surgery. It was the least of her worries. The doctors have done their magic. Now it's time for us to try." "You know what we want to do?" asked Lily, whose eyes were glazed still from crying. Lily had assumed a defensive posture, arms over her breasts, one hand resting right below her throat. For the first time ever, thought Mona, Lily's voice sounded shaky, old. "Yes, I know," said Paige. "My uncle told me everything. I under- stand. All these years. I've heard so much about you, all of you, and now I am here. I'm in this house. But...
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