Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

How clear were the black barked oaks and the beaten

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Unformatted text preview: thought Ancient Evelyn. That is what was meant to be. The horse passed the wrong gate. She laid the knitted cover over Alicia's shoulders and went out. Slowly, she went down the stairway, very very slowly, carefully examining each tread with the rubber tip of her cane, pushing and poking at the carpet to make sure there was nothing lurking there that would trip her and make her fall. On her eightieth birthday she had fallen. It had been the worst time of her old age, lying in bed as the hip mended. But it had done her heart good, Dr. Rhodes had told her. "You will live to be one hundred." Dr. Rhodes had fought the others when they said she was too old for the cataract operation. "She is going blind, don't you understand? I can make her see again. And her mentation is perfect." Mentation-she had liked that word, she had told him so. ai "Why don't you talk to them more?" he'd asked her in the hospital. "You know they think you're a feebleminded old woma...
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