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How could a rational nan be expected to explain such

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Unformatted text preview: and he wrote up his full report to Aaron and sent it by fax to a number in the United States. He sent the customary full copy to the Elders, via fax to Amsterdam. He filed the hard copy-the actual printed pages- and went to sleep. That morning, when he tried to boot up the primary source mate- rial on the Mayfair Witches, he realized the investigation had changed. All the primary sources-unedited testimony, inventories of items stored, photographs, pictures, et cetera-were closed. Indeed the File on the Mayfair Witches was closed. Yuri could find nothing by means of cross-reference. When Yuri finally reached Aaron, to ask why this had happened, something curious occurred. Aaron clearly had not known the files had been marked confidential. But he did not want to reveal his surprise to Yuri. Aaron was angry, and disconcerted. Yuri realized he had alarmed Aaron. That night Yuri wrote to the Elders. "I request permission to join Aaron in this investigation, to go to New Orleans. I do not profess to und...
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