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How should it be handled we will deal with the

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Unformatted text preview: ayfair. She's given permission for you to use it. She says you'll figure it out. It's DOS. You understand this? DOS?" Yuri laughed softly. "You make it sound like a Druidic god. It means the operating system of the computer, that it is IBM-compatible. Yes." "She said she left some instructions for you on the contents of the hard drive but you could boot a directory and see it all for yourself. She said her own files are locked." "I know of Mona and her computer," said Yuri softly. "I would not go into her files." "It was her meaning that you could access anything else." "I see." "There are dozens of computer modem systems at Mayfair and Mayfair. I believe Mona's is the best, however-the state of the art." Yuri nodded. "I'm going to do that immediately." He drank another stiff cup of the smooth rich coffee. He remembered Mona with uncom- mon warmth. "And then we can talk." "Yes, talk." i-i-y But what would they say? They were too crestfallen to...
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