Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Hundreds and hundreds dancing to the pipes and the

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Unformatted text preview: ther will know what to do about all this, she'll be here any minute. Did you know that my father was not faithful to my mother?" "You're crazy." "No, there was another woman. I saw him with her this morning, down in the coffee shop in the building. He was holding her hand. She's a Mayfair. Her name's Clemence. He kissed her." "She's a worried cousin. She works in the building. I used to see her all the time down there at lunch." "No, she's a woman for my father. I'll bet my mother knew all about it. I hope she didn't care." "I'm not going to believe that about Uncle Ryan," said Mona, in- stantly realizing that she did believe it. She did. Uncle Ryan was such a handsome man, so accomplished, so successful, and he'd been married so long to Gifford. Best not to think of those things. Gifford in the vault, cleanly dead and buried before the slaughter. Mourned while there was still time to mourn. OfAlicia, what could you say, "Would she had died hereafter"? Mona realized she didn't even know where...
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