Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

I am father to the finest law firm in the city sue i

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Unformatted text preview: at of the vengeful spirit? What of the wounds dealt in the olden times, from which its conscience has never healed! This thing was good. I felt its good. But now it is evil!" And then I was ill again, very ill. They brought my pillows and covers to me there. I could not climb the stairs again until the next day, and I had not quite decided to do it, when something turned my head L, A S ME.K one last time, with hope, and that was to a final and helpless confidante. It came about this way. As I lay on the couch in the heat of the day, feeling the river breeze through the side windows and trying not to smell any taint of that fire in which so much had been burnt, I heard Carlotta arguing-her low sour voice growing ever more fierce as she denounced her mother. At last she came into the room and glared down at me. She was a thin tall girl of fifteen then, I think. Though her actual birthday escapes me. I remember that she was not so terribly unattractive then, having rather soft hair and what one calls intelligent eyes. I said nothing, as it was not my policy to be unkind to...
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