Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

I am going mad i thought even as i lived on in

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Unformatted text preview: ts, her dark hair sleek and glowing in the light of the little fire. "Will she give birth to this child?" "Yes, bide your time, and wait. You shall make a great witch with her." "And she herself?" "The greatest of all," he said with an audible voice and sigh. "Unless one counts Julien." 349 MICHAEL, that was my greatest triumph. I learnt what I have told you now, its name, its history, that it was of our blood, but more than that I never discovered! Ashlar, it was all connected with that name. But was the daemon Ashlar, and if so which of the Ashlars in the pages of the old man's books? The first or one who came after? The following morning, I left Edinburgh, leaving only a note for Mary Beth, and I traveled north to Donnelaith, going from Darkirk again on horseback. I was too old to make this journey on my own, but I was crazed with my discoveries. Once again I searched the Cathedral, under the cool Highlands sun coming down in beautiful rays through the c...
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