Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

I asked for a bottle of wine 303 youve had enough get

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Unformatted text preview: don't answer him. "Lady, I'm taking you to Houston General." Mother wanted to say, No, please, don't do this. Take me away. She could not catch her breath. She tasted of sickness, even of blood. She was in pain. The pain hurt Emaleth too. Father's voice was very far away, making no words, only cries. "New Orleans," she said. "That's my home, I have to get back there. I have to get to the Mayfair house, on First and Chestnut." Emaleth knew what Mother knew. That is where Michael was. She wished she could speak to the truck driver. She wished she could. Mother was so sick. Mother would soon vomit, and that smell would come. Be calm. Mother. I don't bear Father anymore. "Michael Curry, in New Orleans, I have to reach him there. He'll pay you. He'll pay you plenty. I will pay you. Call him. Look- We'll stop at a phone, later, when we're out of town, but look-" And now from her purse she brought out the money, lots and lots of money, and the man stared at Mother with...
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