Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Anne Rice v1 Lasher

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Unformatted text preview: ael's Aunt Vivian said . . ." "I know," sighed Gifford. "You'd think he would have learned something from his own research into our family." Ryan gave a polite laugh. "Oh, forget about that nonsense. If you'd forget that foolishness, you'd stay here and be with us, and enjoy this time. God knows, things can only get worse when we do find Rowan." "Why do you say that?" "We'll have problems to deal with then, real problems. Look, I'm too tired now to take that on. Rowan's been missing sixty-seven days exactly. I'm worn out from talking to detectives in Zurich and Scotland and in France. Mardi Gras was fun. We all had fun. We were together. But Bea's right, you know, Mona should go away to school, don't you think? After all, she is some sort of bona fide genius." Gifford wanted to answer. She wanted to say again that Mona wouldn't go away to school, and that if they tried to force her, Mona would simply get right back on the plane, or the tr...
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