Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

I came to see aaron thats the only reason i am here i

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Unformatted text preview: h me. I wanted to answer, to say so much more ... I wanted to tell her all, or all of what there was, but she had risen from the table, thrown down her napkin as if it were a glove, and gone out. Ah, so she told it to Mary Beth. When Mary Beth came to fetch me, I whispered those dreaded words: "Slay the flesh that is not human . . ." "Ah, now, darling, don't fuss, please," she said. "Go out and have a good time." When I came out onto the front gallery, the Stutz Bearcat was cooking and ready, and off we went, I and my little ones, Stella and Lionel. We drove past Amelia Street, but we did not stop to see to Evelyn, for we feared we would do more harm than good. It was to Storyville, to the houses of my favorite ladies, that we went. I think it was dawn when we came home. I remember now that night as distinctly as all else because it was my last in Storyville, listening to the jazz bands, and singing, and taking the children with me right into the fancy parlors of the brothels. Oh, how shocked w...
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