Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

I cant make them with men only with father ho ho honey

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Unformatted text preview: between the bed and the bathroom door. There was the chest of draw- ers there to the right with his cigarettes and with his ashtray and also with the gun Mona had given him, a big heavy .357 Magnum that had belonged to Gifford. Ryan had brought it home from Destin two days before. LASHER "You keep this. That way if the son of a bitch comes into this room, you can pop him," Mona had said. "Yes, I got it," he said. He had wanted just such a weapon, "a simple tool" to use the phrase of Julien, to use the phrase of his many revela- tions. Just a simple tool to blow away the face of the being who had done this to her. At moments, his time spent with Julien in the attic was more real than anything else. He had not tried to tell anyone else but Mona. He really wanted to tell Aaron. But the maddening thing was, he couldn't get a moment alone with Aaron. Aaron was so angry about the suspect involvement of the Talamasca that he was spending every hour else- where, checking on things, v...
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