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I connected more than once should have pulverized a

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Unformatted text preview: the Mormons, or the Amish," said Michael. "Exactly," said Ryan, "and there are many excellent legal reasons not to allow this sort of testing. And what does it have to do with the Curry family anyway?" "I think we are straying from the point," said Aaron. He looked meaningfully at Michael. "Whatever we call this companion of Rowan's, he's flesh and blood, and obviously passes for human." "Are you listening to your own words!" Ryan demanded, plainly furious. "Of course I am," said Aaron. "I want to see the medical evidence myself," said Ryan. "How will you know how to interpret it?" Pierce asked. LASHER "Just hold on," said Ryan. "Dad, we have to talk this out." Michael raised his hand for calm. "Listen, the medical tests aren't going to determine anything. / saw him. I spoke to him." The room was silent. He realized this was the first time he had uttered such a thing to the family since the entire inciden...
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