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I could not do violence i wept and i fled 523 you come

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Unformatted text preview: . I seemed to be able to cultivate what I wished. Nothing to date had severely repelled me, except hatred and vio- lence. And this attitude remained constant during all my years on earth. I was either saddened by something or seduced by it. There was seldom a middle ground. Indeed, I had a fascination with the lepers because other people were so frightened of them; and of course I knew how Francis has fought to overcome this, and I was determined to be as great as he. I gave comfort to the lepers. I bathed and clothed those who were too far gone with the disease to care for themselves. Having heard that St. Catherine of Siena once drank the bathwater from a leper, I cheerfully did the same thing. Very early on, I became known in Assisi-the innocent one, the dazzled one, the fool for God, so to speak. A young monk who is truly on fire with the spirit of Francis, who does naturally what Francis would have us all do. And because I seemed so completely unsophisticated, so incapable of conniving, so childlike if you will, people tended to open up to me, to tell me things, egged on by my bright curious gaze. I listened to everything....
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