Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

I could see the ghost of this man from time to time

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Unformatted text preview: d among her perfumes, potions and hair combs. The room was trembling again. He was near, and then gone, and the cold was all around us. It was as if Lasher had taken the balmy heat with him. She sat down and wept. "It's always so. We get that far, and the vessel is too weak to contain him. He destroys what he changes. How will he ever be flesh? And now he is so tired from what he has done that he cannot come to us. We must wait and let him drift and re- collect, there is nothing to be done for it." I was spellbound by what I'd seen. I wanted to go out and write it down. She stopped me. "What can we do to make him flesh?" she said. "Well, don't try with an infant, for one thing. Try with the body of a man. Find someone disabled in mind and body too, perhaps, who is already near to death, someone who cannot resist any more than an infant could. And see if Lasher can go into it." "Ah, but he said that from a little child he must grow. A little child like the infant in the manger." "Lasher said this? When?" I asked, and took note of this...
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