Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

I couldnt move i couldnt lift myself up i could not

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Unformatted text preview: Yes?" Mona urged him on. "I'd say the thing is most certainly looking for a mate. And if it does find that mate, if the child is conceived and born while the thing is still there to take the child away, then we have quite literally a monstrous problem." "I'd rather stick with catching the thing," said Randall, "rather than speculating on-" "I'm sure you would," said Aaron. "But you must think back on everything Dr. Larkin said. On what Rowan said to him. This thing has an enormous reproductive advantage! Do you understand what that means? For centuries this family has lived with one simple story: LASHER that of the man, and the man wanting to be flesh. Well, we are now dealing with something far worse-the man is not merely flesh, he is a unique and powerful species." "Do you think this thing was planned?" Lauren asked. Her voice was cold and small and unhurried-Lauren when she was most un- happy, and most determined. "Do you t...
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