Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

I did not even know poor little clay or vincent by

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Unformatted text preview: iment brought me to a powerful level of excitement. The flickering candles, the victim on the bed, the posses- sion itself-it was all hypnotic. Lasher too began to express his preferences. Bring those of light complexion and hair so that he could change them more easily to what he wanted; and for longer periods of time, he walked and talked in their bodies. Some superficial mutation was always accomplished. But that's all it ever was! It was skin and it was hair and no more. And the victim inevitably died as the result. But the spirit loved it; the spirit soon lived for it. "I would see the moon tonight with human eyes," Lasher said, "bring a child to me. I would dance to the music tonight with human feet. Have the fiddlers outside the door and bring me legs that know dancing." And to reward us, the thing brought us gold and jewels beyond imagining. I was always finding money in my pockets. And ever more prosperous we grew, the thing warning us when to take our invest- ments out of this or that place,...
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