Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

I do not know except that the feeling was so fully

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Unformatted text preview: nt you to let him go. You too, Norgan. Step back, Michael, we have it sur- rounded." "Only if he will not kill it," said Stolov. "He must not kill it." "The hell I won't," said Michael. He arched his back, trying to throw off Stolov, but the other man had his arm too tightly around Michael's neck. Stolov loosened his grip, catching his breath. The creature looked at him. The tears continued to move, silent, eloquent. "I'm in your hands, Mr. Stolov," Lasher said. "I'm all yours." Michael jammed his elbow into the gut of the man behind him, then flung him backwards against the wall. He threw Stolov to the side. He was on Lasher in an instant, hands locked around his neck, the creature drawing in his breath in ragged terror, and grasping at Michael's hair. Down they went onto the carpet. But the two other men had Michael, they were pulling him loose, wrenching him with all their strength, and Aaron, even Aaron was pulling his fingers off the creature. Aaron. Dear God. For a moment Michael almost blacked out. The pain in his ches...
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