Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

I do not mean to throw my life out a window i am

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Unformatted text preview: . They said she'd seen 'the man,' some sort of family ghost. They said she was more powerful than she ever let on. I think your friends in the Talamasca are simply on the same track." Lightner wasn't quick to respond. Then he said, "But that's just it. We should be on the same track, and I'm not sure we are. It's all rather . . . puzzling." The phone interrupted, a low pulsing ring from the handset beside the couch, which looked rather crudely modern among all the mahog- any and velvet furniture. Lark picked it up. "Dr. Larkin," he said, as he always had wherever he answered a phone, even one time a ringing pay phone in an airport, which had jerked him suddenly from his reverie. "This is Ryan Mayfair," said the man on the other end. "You're the doctor from California?" "Yes, glad to talk to you, Mr. Mayfair, didn't want to bother you on this of all days. I can hang in here until tomorrow." "Is Aaron Lightner with you, Doctor?" "Yes, a...
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