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I dont believe those things aunt gifford lived and

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Unformatted text preview: Mayfair Witches From her house and from her consciousness. "I don't believe those things!" Aunt Gifford lived and breathed fear. She shut her ears to the tales ?f the old days. Poor Aunt Gifford could be around her grandmother, Ancient Evelyn, only now because Ancient Evelyn said almost nothing inymore. Aunt Gifford didn't even like to say that she was Julien's granddaughter. Sometimes Mona felt so deeply and hopelessly sad for Aunt Gifford, he almost burst into tears. Aunt Gifford seemed to suffer for the whole 'amily, and no one was more distraught over Rowan Mayfair's disap- aearance than Gifford. Not even Ryan. Aunt Gifford was at heart a tender and loving soul, and there was no one better when you needed to talk the practical things of life-clothes for a school dance; whether or not to shave one's legs yet; which perfume was best for a girl of thirteen? (Laura Ashley No. i.) And these were the dumb things Mona actually did not know, half the time. Well, what was Mona going to do now that she was out on M...
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