Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

I dont know what i believe about this strange man ryan

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Unformatted text preview: . We know now the signatures on these checks were forgeries." "Ah." Michael sat back. "He's keeping her prisoner. He forged the checks." Aaron sighed. "We don't know ... for certain. She was described by those in Donnelaith-and those in Geneva-as being pale, sickly. Her companion was said to have been very attentive; indeed, she was never seen when not in his company." "I see," Michael whispered. "What else did they say? Tell me every- thing." "Donnelaith is an archaeological site now," said Aaron. LASHER "Yes, I knew that, I believe," said Michael. He looked at Ryan. "You've read the Mayfair History?" "If you mean the file from the Talamasca, yes, I did examine it but I think our concern here is simply this: where is Rowan and how can we reach her?" "Go on about Donnelaith," said Michael to Aaron. "Apparently Rowan and Lasher had a suite in the inn there for four days. They spent considerable time exploring th...
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