Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

I dont think so and now as i brooded on this as i

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Unformatted text preview: e King of England, or drawn and quartered, or worse. In Ger- many this very day Luther receives his revelations from God while seated upon a privy and hurls excrement in the Devil's face! Yes, that is religion. That is what it is now. Would you seek the glen and the darkness and a life of beggary and terror? Or would you be our saint?" Without waiting for me to answer, he said in a low and mournful voice, "Did you know that Sir Thomas More himself has been executed in London, his head struck off and stuck upon a pike of London Bridge! That was the wish of the King's whore!" said he. "That is how things stand!" I wanted to run. I wondered if I could do it. If I could run free and outside where the dawn was coming, where the birds of winter had begun to sing. His words confused me and tormented me, and yet when I thought of the surrounding woods, the valley itself, I was too fright- ened to move. Some hideous dread rose out of me, causing my heart to beat and my palms to become wet...
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