Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

I fell back but when i looked up again i saw the bars

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Unformatted text preview: hostile to me. We must leave here." And I realized I knew no more of what I was or what he was than what had been said. It was the strangest kind of knowing, knowing without a tale to it, a knowing that was stable but out of time. He needed no direction from me. He too was in terror. He knew that we must escape. "There is no hope now for the Queen," he said softly, crossing himself and then making the Sign of the Cross on my forehead. We were already following the winding stairs. We were out of the castle within moments, going down directly to a covered boat which waited for us in the dark waters of the River Thames. It was when we reached the Thames that I realized I had said no farewell to my mother and I was overwhelmed with sorrow, with a sense of horror suddenly that I had been born in this particular dreary and treacherous place and into this inexplicable time. My struggles were to begin all over again. I remember I would have died then if I could; I would have retreated. I stared down at the water, which stank of the filth of London, the filth of thousands, and I wanted...
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