Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

I felt their fervor almost as if it were music indeed

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Unformatted text preview: c was the same as I had seen among the women of my mother, and in my mother herself. 495 I was trying to understand it, to know what it meant. I said, "Tal- tos," as if this would trigger some revelation stored within me, but no more came. "Taltos," said the priest-for that is was he was, though I did not then know it, a priest and a Franciscan-and again he gave me this great and gentle smile. All had fled the hall now but my father, myself, the priest and the Laird, who stood upon the table, and three men crouched by the fire- place, as if in waiting, though for what I couldn't guess. It frightened me to see them, and the anxious way in which they looked to the Laird and the Laird looked down on me. "It is Ashlar!" cried my father. "Do you not see with your own eyes! What must God do to claim your attention? Destroy the tower with lightning? Father, it is he!" I realized that I had begun to tremble, a most amazing sensation, which I had never felt...
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