Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

I had the keen feeling at that moment lasher that she

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Unformatted text preview: f the Highlands. "Donnelaith," says I. "I may have the spelling wrong. Here. But this is the word." "No, you've got it right," he said. "But wherever did you hear of it? The only folks who go up there now are the students interested in the old stones, and the fishermen and the hunters. That glen is a haunted place, very beautiful of course, and well worth the trek, but only if you have some purpose. There are terrible legends in those parts, as terrible as the legends of Loch Ness, or Glamis Castle." "I have a purpose. Tell me about it, everything that you know," said I, frightened that any moment I would feel the spirit's presence. I wondered if Mary Beth had gone into some dangerous pub where women are in the main not allowed, just to keep Lasher on his toes. "Well, it all goes back to the Romans," said the professor. "Pagan worship in those parts, but the name Donnelaith refers to an ancient clan stronghold. The Clan Donnelaith were Irish and Scots, descen- dants of the missionaries who went up there from Ireland to spr...
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