Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

I had to see the world i had to wander i had to build

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Unformatted text preview: et of the bed, stiff with urine and vomit, and force it down and away. Of course the sheets beneath were filthy too. Had she lain here three days or four? She didn't know and this was maddening her. If she even thought about the taste of water she would go mad. This very well might have been the fourth day. She was trying to remember how long a human being could survive without food and water. She ought to know that. Every neurosurgeon ought to know something as simple as that. But since most of us do not tie people to beds and leave them captive for days on end, we don't have need of that specific information. She was casting back through her memory-of the heroic stories she'd read, wondrous tales of those who had not starved when others had starved around them, those who had walked miles through heavy LASHER snow when others would have died. She had will. That was true. But something else was very wrong with her. She'd been sick when he'd tied her here. She had been sick off and on since they'd left New Orleans together. Nausea, dizziness-even lying flat she sometimes felt she was falling-and an ache in...
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