Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

I have no fear of the child no matter how powerful

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Unformatted text preview: everything. The knowledge of Lasher she kept to herself, and ordered me not to show my books to anyone. Lasher she would make a ghost and legend, and thereby insignificant even among our own, who were shut out now, far and wide, from all secrets. LASHER At last-when she had given birth by Daniel to two children, nei- ther of whom could serve her purposes, for the second, Lionel, was a boy and more unsuitable even than Carlotta-I did what she wanted me to do and what Lasher wanted me to do, and from that union-of an old man and his daughter-was born my beautiful Stella. Stella was the witch; she saw Lasher. Her gifts were great, yes, but from early girlhood she had a love of fun which outstripped any other passion. She was carefree, wanton, gay, loving to sing and dance. And there were times in my old age when I wondered how in the world she would ever bear the burden of the secrets at all, and whether or not she had been created merely to give me happiness. Stella, my beautiful Stella. She wore the se...
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