Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

I just cant shed come to tell them she was driving to

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Unformatted text preview: uot; "Metairie, ma'am. I already know. Others are calling." What was in Metairie? What? What was he saying? A huge truck had bounced and rattled across the intersection and down towards Caron- dolet. Nuisance. And look at those town houses over there! Good lord, so they had torn down that beautiful house too, idiots. I am surrounded by idiots. She pushed at her hair. The young man was pulling at her arm. "Get away from me," she said, or tried to say. What had she been discussing with this young man? Indeed, she did not know. And what was she doing here of all places? Had he just asked her that very question? "Let me put you in a cab for home, or I'll take you there myself." "You will not," she said, and as she looked at the flowers behind the glass she remembered. She walked on, past him, turning off the Avenue and going into the Garden District and towards the cemetery. Always been one of her favorite walks this way to see the Mayfair tomb when she passed the gat...
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