Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

I knew it was donnelaith and i knew that it had to be

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Unformatted text preview: his round human eyes, very amazed but wanting to make her not sick, wanting to help her, wanting to do as she said, thinking she was soft and young and pretty. "Are we headed south?" Mother asked, sick again, almost unable to speak. The pain wrapped around her, and wrapped around Emaleth too. OOOOOh ... this was the worst Emaleth had ever felt. She kicked at the world. But she did not mean to kick at Mother. Father's voice had long ago died out in the rumble of cars, in the glare of lights. The world was huge all around them. "We are going south now, lady," he said. "We're going south, now, all right, but I wish you'd let me take you to a hospital." Mother closed her eyes. The light went out of her mind. Her head fell to the side. She slept; she dreamed. The money lay on her lap, on the floor of the truck, all over the pedals. The man reached down and picked up one bill at a time, trying not to take his eyes off the cars that zoomed along the road in front of him. Cars, road, signs, free...
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