Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

I know youll never forgive me said michael but i had

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Unformatted text preview: t;And so did Rowan. Mystery be damned." Michael glared at Stolov. "This was always your goal, wasn't it? Not to watch and wait and collect knowledge, but just what the Dutchman told Lasher, to bring the Taltos together, to unite a male and a female and begin the breed again." Erich shook his head. "We will let no harm come to anyone," said Stolov, "and above all, not to him. We want only to study, to learn." "Oh, you lie," said Michael. "All of you, and now you too, Aaron, are swept up in it. He has at last seduced even you." "Michael, look at me," said Lasher in a half whisper. "To take a human life requires the greatest will, the greatest vanity. But to take mine? Are you mad, that you would commit me again to the unknown, without examination, that you would undo the miracle! Oh no, you wouldn't do this. You are not so heedless. So cruel." "Why must you win me over?" asked Michael. "Don't you rely on the...
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