Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

I left my keys and my wallet on the floor mercy

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Unformatted text preview: went up to Fontevrault and they locked me out. Tobias had his shotgun. He said he'd kill me. I walked into St. Martinville to call home. I swear this. That's all I remember. If she is my child, I'm sorry. But they never told me. Seems they never wanted me to know. I'll look out for her from now on." "That's all well and good for the fifth circuit court of appeals," said I. "You knew when she was born. You heard the rumors. Make sure this child is never a prisoner again, you understand? That she has everything she requires, that she goes to school away from here if she wants to, that she has money of her own!" I turned my back on them. I turned my back on my world. I did not answer when he spoke to me. I thought of Evelyn and how she de- scribed her silence, and it seemed an amusing power, to lie there and not to answer, to let them think that I could not. They came and they went. Evelyn was taken back, with Carlotta and Cortland to speak for her. Or so I was told. Only Richard's...
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