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I like my little girl dresses thanks said mona theyre

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Unformatted text preview: nager these days," Gifford had volunteered only a few weeks ago. "I like my little-girl dresses, thanks," said Mona, "they're my dis- guise. Besides if you ask me, most teenagers look tacky. I wouldn't mind looking corporate, but I'm a bit short for that." "Well, your bra cup is giving you away! It's hard to find you sweet cotton frocks with enough room in them, you know." "One minute you want me to grow up; the next minute you want me to behave. What am I to you, a little girl or a sociological problem? I don't like to conform. Aunt Gif, did it ever occur to you that confor- mity can be destructive? Take a look at men today on the news. Never in history have all the men in a nation's capital dressed exactly alike. Ties, shirts, coats of gray. It's appalling." "Responsibility, that's what I'm talking about. To dress your age and behave your age. You don't do either, and we're talking about two contrary directions of course. The Whore of Babylon with a ribbon in her hair just isn't your garden-variety teenage experience." Then Gifford had stopped, shocked that she'd said t...
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