Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

I looked around me in fear now it seemed the monks

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Unformatted text preview: n the bed. "I came to see my beloved. I had to see her before they took me away." 4i Michael tried to get to his feet. He was dizzy and the pain came again. Goddamnit, Julien, give me the strength to do it. Damnation. The gun, the gun is there by the bed. It's right on top of the table, that big gun! He tried to say it out loud to Aaron. Shoot it. Pull the trigger and blow a hole in its head as big as an eye! Stolov knelt in front of him. Stolov said: "Be calm, Michael, be calm. Just don't try to hurt him. We will not allow him to leave this place, until we ourselves take him away." "I am ready," said Lasher. "Michael," said Stolov. "Look at him. He is helpless now. He is in our power. Please be calm." Aaron stared at the creature as if spellbound. "I warned you," said Michael softly. "Do you really want to kill me?" asked Lasher, tears welling con- tinuously as if he had as many of them as a little child. "Do you hate me so very...
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